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Award-Winning Developer and Distributor of Educational Programs for Mobile Devices

What We Do

Urban Planet Mobile.

Changing Lives…one billion at a time.

Urban Planet Mobile is a mobile media company focused on creating high-value content and solutions in education, healthcare, literacy, and beyond.


Our Mission

Founded in 2007, our vision is to create quality products that, through utilizing digital technology and mobile devices, reach all people, particularly those with limited or non-existent access to high-quality education.

Our Solutions

Urban English®

Our biggest and most successful line is Urban English®, a daily delivered English lesson. This audio lesson is delivered via sms, email, IVR, Whatsapp, twitter, and other social messenger services used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. We are active in 40 countries and have delivered millions of English lessons, currently delivering over 400,000 English lessons daily, globally.

333 Words™

The fastest way to learn English on the planet, 333 Words is a new cross platform, multi-media learning system for smartphone, tablet, and computer, utilizes video, audio, social sharing, voice recognition and analysis, and interactivity in all lessons. The demand for a media rich, engaging, English program is global. Governments, Universities, and large private education companies are waiting for this sleek, modern, solution and we are pleased to offer it in multiple languages immediately.

CR7 Video Club + English for Champions

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Video Club + English for Champions is a mobile product available worldwide to Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan base of over 120 million. Users receive a daily exclusive Cristiano Ronaldo video plus wallpaper plus CR Fun Fact, plus an audio English lesson teaching common football phrases in English.


Mobiliteracy Uganda was developed through a grant as part of the USAID Grand Challenge for Development: All Children Reading. The MobiLiteracy pilot in Uganda sponsored by USAID underwent rigorous assessment and measurement performed by RTI, International, a global leader in education. The conclusion is that children do perform better on early grade literacy assessments following the mobile program, scoring better than the control group. Parents stated an interest in the program and a willingness to pay for access. Currently, MobiLiteracy is being prepared for launch to the general population in Kampala, Uganda.

Writing Planet

Our web-based writing program Writing Planet™ is the world’s only comprehensive, automated assessment, web-based English writing development program created specifically for non-native English speakers. The underlying technology has been calibrated to evaluate writing against the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and SAT levels and rubrics. Writing Planet is currently being used by Universities, such as Duke University and Michigan State University, schools, and English programs in the U.S. and abroad in over a dozen countries.

Purposefully building lines that are simple and reach almost any device, Urban Planet Mobile targets 100% of the market with content for basic mobile, feature phone, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Global Distribution

Urban Planet Mobile has the largest mobile distribution network in the education industry, working with over three-dozen distributors and 30 mobile operators in over 40 countries worldwide.

We love to be the first in distribution. In many countries we are the first mobile English learning product to penetrate the market. In Myanmar, we were the first Western company to enter Myanmar. In Pakistan, we sponsored the first National Essay Contest for the country of Pakistan. In Uganda, Mobiliteracy became the first mobile literacy program ever to be tested and proven to improve literacy rates among children.

Whether it is through our mobile distribution partnerships, through English Planet Affiliate relationships, or through NGO and government-sponsored initiatives, our goal as a company is to build strong relationships to bring our groundbreaking products to the world.

Urban English is a trademark of Urban Planet Media & Entertainment, Durham, NC.

Writing Planet is a trademark of Measurement Planet, LLC, Durham, NC.

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