Award-Winning Developer and Distributor of Educational Programs for Mobile Devices

What We Do

Urban Planet reaches and teaches English worldwide. 

Urban Planet is a leading innovator of educational products created for mobile, tablet, and computer.  With products ranging from basic word and phrase lessons to TOEFL & SAT preparation, to a new online writing tool with assessment and tutorials, Urban Planet specializes in forward-thinking educational tools.

Since its founding in 2008, Urban Planet has moved quickly to position itself as a global industry leader in development and delivery of quality web-based and mobile products. In just four years we’ve built the largest library of digital English lessons for mobile delivery, designing a product brilliant for its simplicity. In 2011 Urban Planet was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Most Innovative App as well as the GSM Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Learning Innovation.

Urban English™ is available on 5 continents, with distribution channels in 75 countries. With its patented audio-sms delivery, Urban English can be accessed on over 95% of all mobile phones.With 22+ categories and more than 1400 audio lessons, it offers language learning for all levels and purposes. People use Urban English to teach their children, to improve their communication, to build their vocabulary, and to understand their colleagues and counterparts in business and the workplace.

Today and everyday, over 100,000 Urban English lessons are delivered worldwide.

In addition to our extensive mobile digital library of audio English lessons, Urban Planet is launching Writing Planet™, the world’s only comprehensive, artificial intelligence driven, web-based English writing program created specifically for non-native English speakers.  Feeding more than 1000 essays from over 40 countries into this system, the original AI engine for writing assessment has been calibrated to evaluate writing against the TOEFL and IELTS rubrics.

Urban Planet continues to develop innovative products for new and emerging markets.  Here are some new products, hot off the production floor:

  • Urban English for Bengali and Burmese speakers.
  • Urban Espanol: teaching Spanish to Brazilian-Portuguese and English speakers.
  • English Hip-Hop: an innovative way to learn urban slang and informal phrases.
  • Urban English apps: 32 English language learning apps available in Mandarin, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Bahasa-Indonesian.
  • Writing Planet Test Prep: writing practice for TOEFL and IELTS exams.

Urban English is a trademark of Urban Planet Media & Entertainment, Durham, NC.

Writing Planet is a trademark of Measurement Planet, LLC, Durham, NC.