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Having launched in Indonesia with PT Telkomsel in November 2010, the Urban English™ program saw widespread adoption leading to this initiative winning the prestigious Global Mobile Award for innovation in mobile learning at the GSMA World Conference. PT Telkomsel it the largest carrier in Indonesia with more than 94 million subscribers.
NTT Learning, the education arm devoted to providing training for all NTT Group companies, piloted the Urban English™ program with interactivity for smart phones. The official launch through NTT Docomo, the largest carrier in Japan with 54 million subscribers, has been unfortunately delayed due to the March 2011 earthquake. Upon launch, Urban Planet Mobile is committed to donating a percentage of profits to assist in the rebuilding of Japan.
Bringing a wealth of C-level experience, Triton partners to assist the Urban Planet Mobile executive team with expanding worldwide opportunities, building strong teams for operations, developing strategies for rapid growth, and providing critical business development services, particularly in diverse world markets.
Award winning OnPoint Digital provides a robust content delivery system that enables Urban Planet Mobile to offer educational programs that align with the carrier and country opportunities. From providing IVR services, to text only, to interactive testing functionality, the OnPoint CellCast system is a powerful tool that enables the Urban English lines to meet the varying needs of distribution partners globally.
In partnership with Digicel Foundation, the community building arm of Digicel, the multi-national carrier reaching 11 million people in 32 markets, Urban Planet Mobile created elementary educational programs, including tests, for distribution to children in Haiti. As part of our global focus on education, these sorts of programs and opportunities to reach the under-served align with our socially responsible values.
In response to demand for a line of lessons for English speakers wanting mobile access to foreign language lessons associated with recreational and business travel a partnership with Siteminis to deliver simple to access lessons on web enabled phones was created with the development of Travelingo (
Delivering Urban English™ programs on the Playaway all in one mobile audio device took Urban English, English language programs, into libraries to provide access to on the go English lessons for populations otherwise not reached through our mobile initiatives.