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Award-Winning Developer and Distributor of Educational Programs for Mobile Devices


Urban English™ reaches 105,000 subscribers in Indonesia

DURHAM, NC – Urban Planet Mobile, a finalist in mobile learning for the 2011 GSM Global Mobile Awards, signed an unprecedented 105,000 subscribers to its Urban English™ language learning program during the first quarter it was available to PT Telkomsel consumers in Indonesia – further cementing the company as the worldwide leader in mobile education.

The most popular programs among the new subscribers are Urban English™ Basic, for people with no prior knowledge of English, Urban English™ Business, which emphasize phrases and terminology most useful in business, and Urban English™ Social, which features conversational English.

“The overwhelming response in Indonesia to our product just affirms what we knew all along – that people are hungry for an easy, creative and accessible way to learn the English language,” said Mobile Education’s creator, CEO and founder of Urban Planet Mobile Brian OliverSmith. “The Indonesian geography demands that cell phones are the primary tool of communication and their prevalence made Indonesia the perfect market for our Urban English™ language learning programs.”

PT Telkomsel recognized the significant demand to learn English among the Indonesian population, especially within the business community where English is the predominant language. The lessons from the Urban English™ program focus on everyday words and phrases used in a variety of social situations for the international businessman or student wanting a better grasp of daily life and language. The program is generalized while still being available for a variety of topics from entertainment to shopping to dining out and is in audio to assist in better comprehension and increased communication skills.

Urban Planet Mobile enlisted some of the greatest educational minds to design lesson plans that help people learn English. The program costs less than $5.00 per month.

Urban Planet Mobile is the leading provider of education and information products created specifically for delivery via mobile phone. With products ranging from basic word and phrase lessons to SAT preparation, Urban Planet Mobile is the only company to develop English lessons for delivery to any mobile phone.

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